SA ready for woman president - NFP

Johannesburg - South Africa is ready to have a female president, National Freedom Party (NFP) said on Saturday.

"It is now time that we have a woman president in our country. If Liberia could do it when Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was elected the first female head of state in 2006, and the Malawians making history by voting into power president Joyce Banda six years later, it's time for South Africa to also come to the party," party leader Zanele Magwaza-Msibi said.

"We also need to have a female head of state."

She was speaking at the party's Women's Day celebration in Mpumalanga.

She said their call as women for a woman president was not going to be welcomed easily.

"This means let's go out from today with a renewed zeal and lobby for this course. I know it's a daunting task, but it can and will be achieved.

She said women were the majority in the country and urged them to use those numbers to put an end to male dominance.

"Women are still at the apex of underdevelopment. They are at the lowest ladder of service delivery.

"They are still trapped in dire poverty, lack of sanitation, unemployment, inequality and many other challenges. They are the ones facing the burden of abuse and rape."