The top 10 news stories of 2011

2011-12-06 12:03 A colleague branded 2011 as "The Year of the Ankle Tap". And boy, after the euphoria of 2010 - when South Africa wowed everyone with the World Cup - 2011 turned out to be a different ball game.

It was a year that that taught us just how much stink something as basic as public toilets can cause political parties shortly before elections and the year showed us that (certain) bigwigs are still subjected to the law.

Looking at international news, the people of Egypt took to the streets in protest of their government and ended up bringing change in their country. The news of the devastating Japan earthquake also made headlines.

Without further ado, here are the most viewed stories on News24 for 2011:

1) News24 Interactive Election Map (607 783 page views)

2) Girl, 7, raped by dad as mom looks on (173 361)

3) Julius Malema suspended for 5 years (165 185)

4) Beware, female journos in Cairo warned (159 389)

5) Family in shock after Lamborghini crash (134 296)

6) VIDEO: Fish Hoek attack - shark spotted (124 657)

7) The Japan earthquake (article collection) (117 134)

8) Mom raped in front of her kids (114 971)

9) Steytlerville 'monster' strikes again (113 488)

10) Horror find in supermarket cold storeroom (106 952)