Alleged serial rapist taxi driver loses bid to have 44 charges withdrawn

A taxi driver accused of kidnapping and raping several women in parts of Gauteng, failed in his bid to have 44 of the 51 charges against him withdrawn.

Through his advocate, Xolani Mazibuko, the driver demanded that the charges be withdrawn, telling the South Gauteng High Court in Palm Ridge that he was in prison at the time that the women were raped and robbed.

"I have a stone-cast alibi in relation to most of the charges my client is charged with," Mazibuko said.

Mazibuko added that it would amount to malicious prosecution if the 44 charges were not withdrawn.

"I want that to be placed on record that the state intends to withdraw the charges. [If not] we intend to make a civil claim."

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However, Judge Cassim Moosa was not convinced.

Moosa said the six remaining counts were serious and could result in the imposition of a life sentence if the accused was convicted.

The charges include kidnapping, rape, robbery, the pointing of something that resembles a firearm, and aiding and abetting of another person to commit a sexual offence.

"All he has to do is to spend another week in prison. He is facing serious charges. In the event he is convicted for rape, he is facing life in prison unless he provides substantial and compelling circumstances to deviate from the minimum prescribed sentence," the judge added.

Meanwhile, the driver's co-accused, is expected to plead guilty to most of the 51 charges on Friday and intends to contest others.

It is alleged that the two men went on a rampage between September 26, 2016 and October 12, 2017 kidnapping, raping and robbing female passengers in their Toyota Quantum minibus taxi. 

Their alleged reign of terror shook the taxi industry.

The offences took place in parts of Johannesburg, as well as parts of Soweto, Alberton, Germiston and Brixton.

The two were arrested on October 23, 2017 in Soweto.

They were positively pointed out during an identity parade on September 28, 2017.