Alleged Sexy Boys gang leader targeted in shooting again

Cape Town – Alleged Sexy Boys gang leader Jerome “Donkie” Booysen has been the target of a shooting for the second time in five months.

His vehicle was shot at in Bellville South on Wednesday night.

Several sources, with close ties to policing, confirmed this.

Police spokesperson FC van Wyk said an attempted murder case was under investigation. However, he did not name a complainant.

Booysen was said to be in a bullet proof vehicle when he was targeted.

On Wednesday night a man answered his phone and said Booysen was in the gym.

He did not confirm nor deny the shooting.

On May 8, Booysen was wounded in a shooting in Elsies River.

Sources said he had been on his way to visit another man, who was also shot, in the Cravenby area.

Four years ago Booysen was named as head of the Sexy Boys gang during a court case.

The shootings come as a war over the club security scene is intensifying.

Businessman Nafiz Modack is said to be heading a new underworld faction which is effectively hijacking the control of club security from an older, more established grouping.

The friction between the two groupings has resulted in violence which has spread from Cape Town to Johannesburg.

For details on what has been happening in the underworld, see News24’s showcase Underworld Unmasked here.

* News24 initially reported Booysen's home was shot at, it has been pointed out to News24 that this is not the case. News24 apologises for the error.