ANCWL condemns alleged sexual assault after Joburg soccer coach arrested

The ANC Women's League has condemned the sexual assault of a nine-year-old boy, allegedly by a football coach at an academy in Johannesburg, where 29 other boys were rescued.

ANCWL Secretary General Meokgo Matuba has called on authorities to ensure that the coach "be removed from society and locked in jail".

SABC News reported that police arrested the 34-year-old man in connection with the rape of the 9-year-old boy. The report said 29 boys were rescued from the soccer academy.

Matuba said the physical and sexual abuse of any person must be condemned.

"We call on law enforcement agencies to act swiftly and ensure that the alleged perpetrator has his day in court."

Matuba said society had a responsibility to be vigilant and expose paedophiles who used "all tricks" to lure children to them.

"People with uncontrollable psychopathic sexual desires [who use] children as sex slaves, must be removed from society and locked in jail," she said.

Police spokesperson Constable Mzwakhe Xazi said the 34-year old soccer coach was arrested and charged with rape.

"Preliminary investigation revealed that the suspect was running a soccer academy in [Johannesburg]. The alleged soccer academy [has been] closed," Xazi said.

He said investigations were ongoing.