Attempt at breaking in to Jerome 'Donkie' Booysen's car thwarted

Thieves who tried to break into Jerome "Donkie" Booysen's car, parked at his house in Cape Town on Friday night, were quickly seen off by his private security, the neighbourhood watch said on Saturday.

"There was an attempted vehicle break-in," said Glenhaven Neighbourhood Watch patrol captain Gavin Williams of the incident outside the house of the man who has denied claims that he is involved in Cape Town's gang culture.

"His security came out and shot at the person", said Williams.

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A search for the suspect was triggered in the neighbourhood, but the trail went cold.

Williams said that nobody was injured.

He said the suburb, like many in the country, had been dealing with break-ins to vehicles but were bringing incidents down with regular patrols.

Booysen, alleged to have been a leader of the "Sexy Boys" gang, has survived multiple attempts on his life - having been shot at at least five times.

Earlier this year he told News24 that there was no proof that he was a gangster and to him, gangsterism did not pay.

He said he would rather spend time with his family, and follow rugby.

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