BLF claims robbery politically motivated after laptops, cameras stolen

A vehicle belonging to Black First Land First (BLF) leaders was broken into on Wednesday and laptops and cameras were stolen from it. 

The robbery took place a few minutes after the party had registered to contest the national general elections at the offices of the Electoral Commission of South Africa in Centurion. 

The party believes the act was a "politically instigated robbery". 

According to the BLF, the break-in occurred while the party's leaders were in a post-registration deliberation, some distance from where the vehicle was parked. 

"This resulted in three leaders losing their laptops, along with the organisation's camera, among other things," the party said.

The party added that the suspects were "highly skilled" and carried out the break-in with precision, yet with no intention to steal the vehicle.

"BLF is convinced that its leadership was followed and that the nature of goods taken, timing and execution of the robbery points to it being politically motivated," it said.

'BLF is going to Parliament'

Police have confirmed a case was opened at the Lyttelton police station.

"Lyttelton SAPS can confirm that a theft out of motor vehicle case was reported for further investigation. No arrests [have been] made yet," said spokesperson Captain Colette Weilbach.

The police have appealed to anyone with information to contact the Lyttelton police station. 

The BLF has issued a warning to what it terms its enemies that no amount of intimidation would stop it from going to Parliament.

"BLF is going to Parliament, and will continue its programme of ending white monopoly capital rule, including the taking back of all land which was stolen by the settler coloniser."

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