Boy in Goddard trial insists ‘naughty things’ happened

A boy on Wednesday maintained under cross examination that whatever he told the high court was done to him by his former school guidance counsellor is the truth.

The 12-year-old boy’s assertion came in the wake of Darren Goddard’s advocate, Shane Matthews, referring to statements made by other people about what the boy said to them about his interactions with Goddard.

The advocate said that the boy’s testimony was not the same as what he told others.

Matthews made an issue of the boy having testified that Goddard would put his finger inside his shorts and underpants and then where it did not belong.

The advocate questioned him why his mother did not say this in her statement.

Matthews accused the child of “making this up”, but the boy responded that he was not, because “it happened to me”.

The advocate scrutinised the boy’s main evidence about the first time he revealed to his mother the “naughty things” Goddard did to him.

The boy said he was in the car with his mother when he told her that Goddard put his finger where it did not belong. The boy said it had happened that same day.

He said his mother said “OK”.

He added that the next day he told his mother this again because it happened once more.

Matthews, however, told him that on the day his mother made her statement to police, Goddard was no longer at the school, so it could not be true that the boy told this to his mother on the same day it happened.

The boy had trouble understanding what was being suggested to him and the court had to take a short break.

Matthews then placed it on record that it appeared that whenever the boy was “getting caught out” by a question then the court had to take a break.

Matthews accused the child of telling lies several times, but the child replied that he was telling the truth.

The trial continues.