Brakpan land invaders stopped by police

A group of people who illegally erected shacks in an area in Brakpan have been thwarted, Ekurhuleni Metro Police said on Sunday.

"More than fifty freshly put up illegal structures were flattened and the material confiscated," said EMPD spokesperson Chief Superintendent Wilfred Kgasago in a statement.

He said that police first got reports on Thursday morning of a group of people establishing settlements in an area called Brakpan Old Location.

"The [Brakpan] Precinct commander sought assistance from various specialized services units to stop the illegal invasion.”

"A swift response from the EMPD K9, Public Order Policing (POPs), First Responder (FRU), Land Invasion Unit members and Traffic Wardens converged at the location to beef up manpower."

The homes were then destroyed.

Kgasago said that the people who had built the shacks "claimed that they had purchased sites from a man they claimed had since passed on".

He said the EMPD were monitoring the area to ensure no further land invasions.