SA man 'kidnapped' in Mozambique found alive

A South African man who was allegedly shot and kidnapped in Mozambique has been located in a rural hospital in that country. 

André Hanekom's daughter, Amanda, on Friday confirmed to News24 that he was alive and receiving medical care under military guard. 

Hanekom, a business owner from Palma, who has lived in Mozambique for 26 years, was allegedly abducted from the parking lot of the Amarula Hotel just north of Palma on Wednesday by four men wearing balaclavas. 

Amanda told News24 her father was shot with an AK-47 assault rifle during the incident and driven off in a brown Land Cruiser with the word 'Safari' printed on its side. 

On Thursday, Hanekom's wife, Francis, received a tip-off that he had been admitted to a rural hospital three hours' drive from Palma. She found him alive, but in a serious condition. 

"He has lost a lot of blood. He was shot in the stomach and arm and his leg is broken. But he is receiving good care," Amanda told News24. "We hope he makes it through the night."

According to Amanda, it appears that Hanekom was rescued in a military operation, but emphasised that details about the abduction and rescue were unclear. 

It is also unclear why Hanekom had been abducted, and by whom. 

On Thursday, a member of the Mozambique Foreign Business Chamber, known only as Strydom, told News24 that Hanekom may have had issues with some local residents.

"It is alleged that a serving member of the police in his personal capacity abducted Mr Hanekom. However, this is all speculation," he said.

Francis wrote in a comment on the Facebook group "Mozambique for All": "It was long, tiresome and difficult. I was a nervous wreck and found it sometimes difficult to keep my cool. In spite of me being a difficult individual at times, the police and military staff always treated me well and with respect and dignity."

Department of International Relations and Cooperation (Dirco) spokesperson Ndivhuwo Mabaya told News24 on Friday that the South African embassy in Mozambique was aware of the incident and was providing assistance to Hanekom's wife.