Cape Town water use spikes by 5%

Water use in Cape Town has increased by 5% over the past week to 542 million litres of water per day, Deputy Mayor Ian Neilson on Monday.

Last week, the average consumption stood at 516 million litres a day.

Dam levels have dropped to 20.9%

"The fall in dam levels can be attributed to environmental influences such as higher temperature and evaporation, as well as an increase in usage by customers," he said in a statement.

"Thus far April has been relatively warm, mimicking the climate patterns of March. High temperatures were experienced last week, as well as high winds in the catchment areas."

The City acknowledged that most water users were doing their best to lower their usage to 50 litres per day, however "there may be some whose usage still fluctuates according to the weather".

The targeted consumption was 450 million litres per day.

"Although the winter months will likely bring more rain, we cannot estimate how much rain we will have, or count on it having a significant impact on our dam levels."

The City would continue its drought interventions, which included Level 6b restrictions, pressure management and repairing leaks as soon as possible.