Cellphone forensic expert testifies in Coligny murder trial

The location of the accused on the day that a Coligny teen was allegedly killed became the focus of proceedings in the North West High Court in Mahikeng on Monday. 

A cellphone expert, called as a defence witness, delivered evidence aimed at disproving the testimony of a State witness that the two men accused of the teen's murder drove around with him outside Coligny.

The witness was testifying in the trial of Pieter Doorewaard 27, and Philip Schutte, 34, who are accused of the murder of 15-year-old Matlhomola Moshoeu in April, last year.

The accused claim they caught the teenager stealing a sunflower and were on their way with him to the local police station, when he jumped off their bakkie along the way.

But key state witness, Bonakele Pakisi, previously told the court that he had witnessed Moshoeu being thrown from the men's moving vehicle.

Pakisi testified that the accused left Coligny with Moshoeu in the back of their bakkie and drove around with him. The court also previously heard that each of the accused had two cellphones.

However, Vodacom forensic agent Sam Hallat testified on Monday that three cellphone towers outside of Coligny did not pick up signals from either of the men's cellphones.

Instead, a tower inside Coligny picked up a signal from one their cellphones, the court heard.

Earlier in the day, Vodacom expert Lynette van Zyl told the court that she had compiled two reports from cellphone data.  

Van Zyl testified that their data was usually 99.9% correct and could not be manipulated. 


She added that they could only receive data if a cellphone was on.

Before proceedings got under way, Judge Ronald Hendricks adjourned twice so that defence advocate Hennie du Plessis could get his documents in order. 

"Your witnesses are late for court and your documents are not in full. You are wasting valuable court hours."

Moshoeu's parents sat unmoved in the left corner of the court as the evidence was presented.

The trial continues on Tuesday.