City shop’s profits fall into trench dug and left by Msunduzi workers

A large trench dug by Msunduzi outside Gotti’s Auto on West Street nearly a month ago remains there, with no end in sight to the inconvenience it has caused.

The trench, say the shop’s owner, has set the business back, preventing them from opening a portion of the shop, which sells spare car parts.

The owners say the reason for the trench being dug is unclear, but they were told by municipal workers that it was dug because of an electrical cable fault.

The shop, which sells spares as well as providing panel beating services and spray painting, is unable to use its main entrance.

Carrie Naidoo, an owner, told The Witness an employee has to climb into the trench and disarm the shop’s alarm through the main entrance every morning.

“We were told that this problem would be sorted out [last] Thursday, but it wasn’t. So I went to the municipality to find out what the problem was and no one was able to assist.

“When we found out it may be an electrical problem, I went to the office on Havelock Road, but nobody there was able to help me.”

Naidoo said they were not notified by Msunduzi that such an operation would be happening. “They just rocked up one day and started digging.”

She added: “We are losing business because people can’t use our main entrance or an adjacent door that allows people to buy spare parts. We are only able to use alternate entrances, and it’s setting us back.”

Msunduzi spokesperson Thobeka Mafumbatha said the matter was reported to the electricity department and would be attended to.