Claims of dead bodies buried in a yard in Johannesburg, after domestic violence call to police

Police attending to a domestic violence call in a Johannesburg suburb, are now also investigating claims that the accused had buried bodies in a corner of the family's backyard.

The drama played itself out in Grove Road in Mountain View on Tuesday when a woman called the police accusing her husband of attacking her.

And on Wednesday, police continued to comb the premises, looking for evidence after she had made the claims about buried bodies.

"Since the news broke, we are afraid and want to confirm if indeed what we heard is true. Nobody wants to stay in an unsafe area. We ask our police to confirm if the allegations are true," said a resident who declined to be identified.

The husband, 54, is in police custody after his arrest.

A neighbour told News24 they were startled by a woman screaming at around 15:00 on Tuesday.

The woman called for help, claiming that her husband wanted to kill her.

A neighbour helped the woman escape and she then rang for help.

"Suddenly, two police officers arrived followed by a large contingent. The wife claimed that there were dangerous weapons such as guns and swords in the house. I don't know if police managed to recover those weapons. All I know is that the woman told us that her husband had hidden human bodies about seven years ago," said the neighbour.

"She claimed the bodies were hidden somewhere in the yard where no one is allowed to go. We are afraid and don't know if that is true. They are a quiet couple that you wouldn't see walking on the street."

Police spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubele confirmed the allegations made by the suspect's wife.

"Police were investigating a domestic violence case where a man allegedly violated a protection order against him. After his arrest, the wife alleged that there were bodies buried in their yard. We have summoned relevant authorities who will come and investigate if indeed the allegations are true.

"The wife claimed that the incident happened eight years ago. That, on its own, will be investigated thoroughly to establish if the allegations are true or not. She said there is a place in the yard, where her husband doesn't want people to go to. Police are going to investigate to clarify those allegations."

Makhubele said they have not recovered any weapons from the house.

The husband is expected to appear in court on Thursday on a domestic violence charge.