Curious giraffe steals bridal couple’s show

When Luke and Tristan Karshagen decided to tie the knot on 18 August, little did they know that an amiable giraffe would be gracing their wedding photos.

Two years ago, Luke (now 25) decided to pop the question to his girlfriend, Tristan (now 23).

After work that day Luke drove to Tristan’s home to ask her dad, Rob, for his daughter’s hand.

Rob heartily approved and suggested to the young man he goes ahead without further ado.

Father and future son-in-law then fashioned a ring from a sugar spoon. 

At one o’ clock that morning they woke up Tristan and Luke asked her to marry him.

Fortunately she agreed.

After meticulous planning the lovebirds decided to get married at the Cypress Dale farm outside East London this year.

They travelled to Areena Riverside Resort so they could have their wedding photos taken in an attractive natural setting.

While the bridal couple were posing for the camera, a huge giraffe head suddenly popped out above the trees. The couple watched in awe as the animal approached slowly and gracefully.

“This gentle giant stared at us, then she started walking towards the bridal couple and bridesmaids and began sniffing them,” photographer Stephanie Norman says.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when they realised the giraffe, who was later introduced to then as Abby, had only good intentions.

Abby also walked over to join Luke and Tristan where they were standing in the middle of the road. As the couple kissed and cuddled, Abby took a keen interest, seemingly wanting to share kisses too.

“It was an incredible moment and I don’t think anyone will forget it soon.”

After their unusual encounter the family found out Abby freely roams the resort and is good-natured. She enjoys human company and often dispenses giraffe kisses.

And thanks to Abby, Luke and Tristan’s big day will be remembered forever by their guests.

Photographer: Stephanie Norman