Eastern Cape primary school learners found with dangerous weapons

On Monday a Grade 7 learner at Sizamulwazi Primary School in Barkly East in the Eastern Cape was questioned about the possible possession of a firearm. An intelligence-driven operation conducted by Constable Moplatsi Jemolane also found another learner in possession of two knives, a panga and a toy gun.

Spokesperson for the Eastern Cape department of education, Mali Mtima, says the search was part of a department programme that serves to identify possible problem learners.

“An indemnity form would be sent to the parents to fill in without informing the learner. The process would then lead to a search and seizure of whatever the learner could possibly have,” he explains.

Warrant Officer Moitheri Bojabotseha tells DRUM the accused were warned about the usage of dangerous weapons but no arrests were made. “They’ve questioned them, so in future [the learners] shouldn’t have those kinds of weapons in their position.”