Employee of slain farmer was afraid at the scene of the incident

Pretoria – An employee of farmer Muraga Mavula said she was scared when she saw her employer lying dead on the road, in his underwear.

Mavula was allegedly beaten and driven over by two men in Brits in the North West.

Prudence Baloyi, who worked on Mavula's farm, was testifying in the trial of Schalk Myburgh, 56, and Schalk Myburgh Jnr, 30.

The Myburghs are accused of murdering Mavula and stealing his cellphone on the evening of December 28, 2015.

"When I saw the deceased, I was shocked," said Baloyi on Wednesday in the Pretoria High Court.

Baloyi, who arrived on the scene with Mavula's wife, Anna Mavula, and other employees, said after seeing Mavula lying nearly naked on the gravel road, she had to sit down.

She sat near Mavula’s bakkie after she had become highly emotional and wanted to get away from the sounds of people crying.

Anna previously testified that when she found her husband's body, she started screaming and crying.

Boloyi also gave testimony as to where Mavula's body was lying, how it was positioned and where his bakkie was when they arrived on the scene.

The defence quizzed Baloyi on the same aspects that they had questioned Anna on.

They questioned the position of the body, where the body was found and the distance between Mavula's body and his bakkie.

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Defence's Advocate Adele Janse van Vuuren also asked Baloyi a series of questions that were also put to Anna about the speed at which she drove to the scene and in what lane she was as she turned into the road where the incident took place.

The State contends that the Myburghs murdered the farmer, who was out that evening with two of his sons, looking for a lost goat.

The Myburghs have alleged that they confronted him over the ownership of two animal carcasses that he had in his possession.

A fight then allegedly broke out. They claim they acted in self-defence.

The trial continues.