Family of missing Miguel Louw wait in 'anguish' for DNA results

The family of missing nine-year-old Durban boy Miguel Louw are still waiting anxiously to find out whether a decomposed body found in Phoenix a week ago is, in fact, the young boy.

KwaZulu-Natal police told News24 on Wednesday that the body had not been identified yet and that DNA results were still outstanding.

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The Louw family's lawyer, Vasthi Williams, confirmed to News24 that the family was still waiting for DNA results.

"We await the DNA test results and during this time, the family is in anguish [from] the torture of perhaps wasting precious time in case that is not Miguel.

"They are a very strong family, united in their faith, and that, as well as the support from the community at large, is what keeps them going," Williams said on Wednesday.

At least 'three to four weeks'

Williams previously told News24 that DNA samples had been taken from both of Louw's parents, "but we were given to understand that even a rushed DNA [test] takes three to four weeks at the very least".

Louw went missing on July 17 in Sydenham. He was believed to have been kidnapped shortly after leaving school.

Two weeks ago, 43-year-old Mohammed Ebrahim, who was allegedly the last person seen with the boy, appeared in court on human trafficking charges.

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Video footage allegedly shows Ebrahim buying Miguel some KFC near his school in Rippon Road in Sydenham.

However, it was not clear whether the boy entered a taxi with Ebrahim after visiting the KFC.

The community of Sydenham braved the rain and cold to attend a candlelight vigil for Louw last Friday evening.

Children as young as Miguel and their parents lit candles, sang and prayed outside his home.