Five arrested as Steynsrus protests continue

Five people have been arrested after continuous stone throwing and blocking the R76 past Steynsrus with Jojo water tanks and burning tyres, Free State police said on Monday. 

Spokesperson Captain Stephen Thakeng said that the houses of police officers and security officers, and other residents in the area were also stoned. 

There was an attempt at burning down a centre for the disabled which was thwarted. 

According to Thakeng, Monday was a day of residents forming groups of around 300 people, singing and stoning passing vehicles since 06:00.

Four Jojo tanks used to keep water in Matloangtloang were also used to block the road there, and the road between Steynsrus and Senekal was also blocked.

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A double cab bakkie was damaged with stones and the incident was reported to the police. 

"Then it was calm until 19:00 when houses belonging to local police officers and security guards were thrown with stones," said Thakeng.

He said that by evening there was still stone throwing of passing vehicles. Public Order police were at the scene. 

The four males and one female arrested are between the ages of 16 to 28. They are expected to appear in the Lindley Magistrate's Court on April 16. 

"We continue monitoring the situation," Thakeng said.