Former NPA boss appointed a day after submitting CV, Zondo commission hears

Former NPA boss Mxolisi Nxasana was appointed National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) a day after he submitted his CV, the state capture commission of inquiry heard on Thursday. 

"I remember I was running a trial at Umlazi, KwaZulu-Natal when I received a call from Michael Hulley on August 30, 2013 who asked for my CV, which I then sent. 

"He told me that the president was under pressure to appoint someone to the office of the NDPP and he intended to announce my appointment," Nxasana told the commission. 

Hulley was former president Jacob Zuma's legal advisor at the time. 

Leaked information

The former NPA head was expecting an announcement over the weekend but "circumstances" forced Zuma to make the announcement the next day. 

"I was told that information had been leaked from the Presidency and it would be announced the next day which was the 31st of August," he explained. 

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Nxasana appeared to give evidence about political interference in the appointments of senior authorities in the NPA as well as the effect this had on the organisation. 

When divulging the circumstances surrounding his appointment, Nxasana said he was not subjected to a formal interview process. 

"I met with Hulley in Durban who informed me that he had a list of three names for the post. When he bounced off these names to colleagues, that is how my name came up as I was not on the list.

"A meeting was then scheduled to meet the president at his official residence in Pretoria," Nxasana further explained. 

He met with Zuma in August. The meeting lasted about 30 minutes. 

He recalled the former president telling him in isiZulu that the position was one where "spears would be directed at him".

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Evidence leader, advocate Paul Pretorius, probed whether Nxasana saw the post advertised and if he went for a formal interview or if he was required to fill in an application form. 

"I do not know if the post was advertised in any way and the process of a formal interview was not done.

"I was not required to fill in an application form but I did complete a security clearance form," he added. 

Nxasana left the NPA in May, 2015 after receiving a R17m golden handshake.

The Constitutional Court later found that Zuma's decision to remove Nxasana from his position was an abuse of power and declared the appointment of his successor, Shaun Abrahams, invalid and unconstitutional, News24 earlier reported.

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The hearing continues.