Founder of Power FM Given has taken leave from work after arrest

Business mogul Given Mukhari is in hot water as the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) is looking into a matter of alleged domestic violence, NPA spokesperson Phindi Mjonondwane reportedly confirmed. This is after both Given and his wife Ipeleng opened counter cases of assault on Saturday 14 July. They were both arrested.

On Monday 16 July the pair dropped the charges and opted to solve the matter out of court.  The NPA however, refused to drop the charges and will have the final verdict.

Ipeleng’s lawyer Mfana Gwala said, “There was an incident, a domestic incident. After what happened on Saturday they sat and they spoke about it and they decided to deal with the matter differently. That’s the message they communicated to us and that’s the message we communicated to the court and they indicated their intention to withdraw the matter and deal with it differently.”

The NPA ordered the police to investigate a previous alleged case of domestic violence against Given by his wife Ipeleng.

MSG Afrika Group has confirmed that Given has requested time off to deal with the matter with his family. The group has expressed its stance on the matter saying, “We affirm our commitment to the rule of law. MSG strongly condemns domestic violence of any form,” read the statement.