Gauteng man mysteriously vanishes after business meeting

Family and friends of a young man from Johannesburg are anxious about his sudden disappearance after a business meeting on Monday morning.

The last time Nadia Bauermeister, who lives in Wilgeheuwel in Johannesburg, spoke to her husband Bertus (30) was around 7 am on Monday morning.

It was shortly after his business meeting in Randburg.

“He told me that everything went well with his appointment,” Nadia tells YOU.

That was the last time Nadia spoke to Bertus, a general manager at a company that sells household products. She’s tried reaching him on both his cell phones, but both devices are off.

The couple have been married for nearly four years and don’t have any children.

Nadia says although he seemed a bit disheartened the Sunday, she never suspected something was up. “I knew he was stressed because of work but not more than usual.”

“At this stage we really don’t know what happened. I’ve been so busy looking for him that it just hasn’t sunk in yet,” she says.

Nadia has filed a missing persons report at the Honeydew police station.

“We saw on CCTV footage that he stopped at a business park in Republic Road in Randburg. You can see him get out of his car with his gym bag instead of his laptop bag. Then he walks away. That’s the last time anyone saw him,” Nadia explains.

Bertus’ car, a silver BMW, was also found in the business park on Monday. It’s uncertain whether his meeting was at this office block.

“The police are now trying to get a search warrant to see if any money was withdrawn from his account,” Nadia says.

His colleague, Monique Lawrance, says the behaviour is completely out of character. “This is not how Bertus is at all. He is not someone who just disappears.

“He’s the type of guy who always lets you know where he is.”

Nadia asks that anyone who might have information contact the Honeydew police station in Randburg.