Gauteng police launch anti-corruption hotline to restore public confidence

Johannesburg – An anti-corruption hotline has been launched by Gauteng police in an effort to increase public confidence in the service. 

This comes after residents of Rosettenville burnt down 10 homes on Saturday. They claimed the houses were being used as brothels and as hideouts for drug lords. 

In a statement on Thursday, police said they have already received several calls from the public across the province. 

"[We are] committed to restoring trust and confidence in the police in Gauteng and therefore encourage members of the public to use the 24-hour anti-corruption hotline 082 820 6467," the statement reads. 

The public is encouraged to report corrupt activities by the police and incidences complacency. 

Reports are sent directly to the provincial police commissioner who will issue instructions about the need for further investigation. 

In the statement, police expressed concerns over conditions in Rosettenville. 

"Rosettenville is plagued [by] drug-related crime, prostitution, in some cases child prostitution, and hijacked buildings," the statement reads. 

The police said intelligence-driven interventions would be implemented across the province as the problems witnessed in Rosettenville were not confined to that area. 

Gauteng Police reminded the public that the 10111 number must still be used for emergencies and to report crime in general.