Grade 4 pupil suspended for allegedly throwing pencil case at teacher

A Heidelberg teacher was rushed to a local hospital after a Grade 4 pupil allegedly threw his pencil case at her.

The teacher was struck in the face but was discharged from hospital on the same day after receiving medical attention.

The Sakhile Primary School pupil has since been suspended following the incident on Tuesday, confirmed Gauteng Department of Education spokesperson Steve Mabona.

It is understood that the perpetrator left through a broken palisade fence and returned to the school with his grandmother and aunt.

"The circuit manager and the school principal related the incident and informed them that their child was suspended with immediate effect, which they acknowledged," says Mabona.

"The parents were taken in confidence and assured that the Departmental procedure will unfold as per the legislation, which will be facilitated by the [school governing body]. Further it was agreed that the learner will be allowed to write his examination."

A hearing will take place after November 20.

"Learner ill-discipline will not be tolerated in our environment which must always be conducive for teaching and learning," Mabona says.

"It is indeed regrettable and embarrassing that a learner could harm a person that should teach, nurture, and mentor him. Teachers play a significant role in our schooling environment; hence we advocate for their respect always. Learners must be reminded that teachers are their parents and they should be treated as such,” he says.

The teacher is currently recuperating at home and the Department’s employee wellness officials are have offered her support, Mabona adds.