Intruder arrested for all three murders

A reign of terror on elderly residents at two retirement homes in the city has been halted by the timely arrest on Wednesday of a suspect.

The Witness learned that the man was arrested while allegedly intent on further invasions at the same two homes, which were both thwarted.

Police believe he is linked to the murders of all three elderly residents at Kenwyn Retirement Home and Jacaranda Lodge.

The arrest of the 27-year-old suspect was confirmed on Wednesday by Pietermaritzburg police spokesperson Sergeant Mthokozisi Ngobese.

Ngobese said the suspect, who is to appear at the Pietermaritzburg Magistrate’s Court today, was arrested by a team of city detectives.

He said so far the suspect had been linked to the three murders, and one case of housebreaking.

A manager at Kenwyn, who asked to remain unnamed, said the man was arrested around 1.30 am on Wednesday.

“Myself and my assistant were called up this morning. It was very chaotic.”

The manager said a neighbour had seen somebody on the wall at the back of the property.

“The guy jumped when he spotted him and our beam went off. The security guard that was patrolling then ran after him and he was apprehended.”

The manager said according to information from the head of security guards at Jacaranda Lodge, the suspect had been spotted at that complex 20 minutes earlier. He was seen at a point where the properties join and he ran.

“Shortly after that he was seen on our wall. At first he kept saying it wasn’t him.

“A big thanks to the neighbour who kept an eye out. He was the one who caught this guy by spotting him … whether he stood guard the whole night or whether he was woken up I’m not 100% sure.

“Thanks to him for catching the guy and bringing him to us where there is more help.”

The manager said they will make an official announcement on Thursday to the residents.

The branch manager of Khusela Security and Risk Management, who asked not to be named, also commended the observant neighbour.

“Yesterday [Tuesday] afternoon we walked onto the vacant side of the residence to go and see how the perpetrator is getting on top of the wall. The neighbour approached us and said he had caught someone in his yard at 5 am on the Tuesday morning.”

He said when the neighbour cornered the man he said that he was being chased by criminals.“He believed him and let him go,” he said.

“Yesterday when the alarm went off at Kenwyn and the same guy ran into his yard again, he caught him and then alerted security.”