Justice for Franco: Over 17 000 people sign petition after man killed outside Cape Town nightclub

More than 17 000 people have signed a petition demanding justice for murdered Franco D'Este, 20, who was shot dead outside a Cape Town nightclub over the weekend.

Started three days ago, after his alleged killer was released on R2 000 bail in the Cape Town Magistrate's Court on Monday, petition creator Amaarah Davids wrote that they "need justice for Franco".

"His loved ones sit in complete sorrow and this scum is out on bail! We need justice for him and others [who] have been innocently killed and their murderers that are walking free!" she wrote.

"How many loved ones are still going to die this way and our government lets them walk out on bail? I need your help to sign this petition, this way we can demand the justice of our poor loved ones who have passed on."

According to Daily Voice, Ethan Fisher was released on bail after he had handed himself and his gun over to police. The State did not oppose his release on bail.


D'Este's mother Natasha told the publication her son's friends had phoned her in the early hours of Saturday morning. They had taken him to Christiaan Barnard Hospital.

She said Franco's friends said Fisher had accused them of following him. They denied it, but he allegedly turned and shot him.

Most of the petition signatories expressed outrage at the accused's release on bail.

"I'm signing because I'm a mother and I have one child, a son, and I cannot stand by and let this sort of thing happen in my country," one woman wrote.

Another commented: "I'm signing because my heart is anxious for South Africa. Our teenagers, women and girls are simply not safe anymore! SA has become an immoral and godless country where no one seems to care about the life of others. Please take action. Give us back our freedom!"

Fisher is expected back in the dock on November 29.

 - Compiled by Tammy Petersen