KZN baby girl allegedly kidnapped by woman in a nightgown

KwaZulu-Natal police are searching for a two-month-old baby girl who is believed to have been kidnapped by a woman dressed in a pink nightgown in Umzinto on Tuesday evening.

The baby's mother alleges that her daughter went missing after she took pity on a woman who approached her at Umzinto taxi rank, police spokesperson Thembeka Mbhele said.

"The woman called her aside and explained that she was the victim of abuse and was destitute with no place to stay," she said.

"The baby's mother decided to help the stranger and took her to her home in the NPA informal settlement in Umzinto. At approximately 20:00, the woman complained of a headache and asked her host to get some painkillers from her neighbours."

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Leaving her baby behind, the mother went to get the painkillers and returned a short while later to discover that the woman had disappeared with the baby.

"The baby’s clinic card, milk formula and feeding bottle were also missing. A search for the missing woman and the baby proved fruitless and the matter was reported to the police," Mbhele added.

Police have reason to believe that the woman may have hitched a ride from the R612, near Courthouse Road, to the Durban area.

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An urgent appeal has been made to any motorist who may have given a lift to a woman in a pink nightgown who was carrying a baby at 21:00 on Tuesday night.

"The suspect is in her early twenties and was dressed in a pink night gown, blue denim jacket and a pair of black pumps. Beneath the gown she had on a green and black skirt," Mbhele said.