AS IT HAPPENED: Campaigns for NDZ, Ramaphosa at Magaqa memorial

13 Sep 20:16 That concludes the Gauteng memorial service of the late ANCYL SG, Sindiso Magaqa.
13 Sep 20:12 A vote of thanks is being given. Again, another speaker apologises to the family for the disruptions.
13 Sep 20:12 Ramaphosa's supporters used Sindiso Magaqa's memorial service to pledge their support for DP Cyril Ramaphosa
13 Sep 19:59 Magaqa does not say anything about the disruptions during his nephew's memorial service
13 Sep 19:58 Magaqa extends an invite to everyone to go to KZN to bid Magaqa farewell on Saturday
13 Sep 19:57 Magaqa: "We are grateful for what e have heard, we will go home and tell the family who he was."
13 Sep 19:57 Magaqa: "We were reluctant to come here in the beginning... now I know we would have not heard what he was."
13 Sep 19:56 Magaqa: "We are still very sore about what happened but we hope the Lord will be with us until Saturday."
13 Sep 19:55 Magaqa: "We are proud and grateful to hear that Magaqa was a hero. He was humble, honest, disciplined."
13 Sep 19:55 The family (unlce Vuma Magaqa) is called to respond on behalf of the family.
13 Sep 19:54 Mabe says Magaqa never sang without whistling. "Sizomkhumbula ngekhwela, uMagaqa."
13 Sep 19:54 Mabe: "I am sorry my friend, I could not come and see you..."
13 Sep 19:54 Mabe: The Sindiso Magaqa Foundation will ensure that the children are clothed and continue to go to school.
13 Sep 19:53 Mabe announces that a foundation in Sindiso Magqa's name will be established to assist the family.
13 Sep 19:53 Mabe says debates about the leadership of the country cannot be resolved through the barrel of the gun. 
13 Sep 19:53 Mabe says young people cannot be led by leaders "who sleep while on duty". 
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