Bail application of #CoffinAssault duo denied

07 Dec 12:57 The bail application of the #CoffinAssault duo has been refused by Judge Mphahlele.
07 Dec 12:56 Judge says there are no reasonable prospect of success on appeal.
07 Dec 12:51 Judge Mphahlele says the applicants believe they will be successful in their appeal at the SCA.
07 Dec 11:20 Adv. Basson says the application is not premature. 
07 Dec 11:19 Gibbs says there hasn't been a bail application since Judge Mphahlele refused to grant them leave to appeal her sentence in October. 
07 Dec 11:13 Adv Gibbs says if the petition fails the accused will "happily" go back to prison.
07 Dec 11:10 Molokoane says they are other accused in similar situation - he says if the court grants the duo bail then the other accused must be heard as well.
07 Dec 11:09 "The SCA might not even grant them permission to petition," says Molokoane.
07 Dec 11:09 "In the video there is no evidence of any injuries on Mr Mlotshwa," says Adv Gibbs.
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