OVERVIEW: No matter your position 'we intend doing a proper job' - Zondo tells #StateCaptureInquiry

24 Aug 14:40

Zondo concludes: "We intend doing a proper job." 

Zondo adjourns proceedings until 10:00 on Monday morning. 

24 Aug 14:37

Zondo responds: "This commission will do its job properly. Not that I have to say this to the legal team and the investigators, but I have said that the investigations must leave no stone unturned, and that it doesn't matter who you are - if the evidence points to you, you must be followed. 

"It doesn't matter what your position is, it doesn't matter what your position may have been, this job must be done, and must be done properly." 

24 Aug 14:35

Pretorius concludes reading from the memorandum received from the SACP, and Zondo says before they adjourn, he would like to respond on some points. 

24 Aug 14:30

Pretorius, on behalf of the legal team, addresses Zondo and puts into record the memorandum handed to the commission of inquiry into state capture by the SACP, who had earlier marched to the venue. 

Secretary of the commission Dr Khotso de Wee received the memorandum from SACP on behalf of the commission.

Pretorius now reads out excerpts from the memorandum.

24 Aug 14:27

Zondo concludes his questioning of Jonas, but tells Jonas he may be excused for now, but has to come back to answer more questions. Zondo apologises to Jonas, but says it needs to be done.

Jonas is excused, and the head of the legal team Paul Pretorius now addresses Zondo. 

24 Aug 14:22

Zondo asks about Jonas' statement that the Gupta brother he met with told him they "control everything"... "Does it include the executive?" Zondo asks, saying he is seeking clarity on that issue. 

24 Aug 14:14

Zondo asks Jonas about the "hostility" directed towards the Ministry of Finance, and asks him to elaborate about who was hostile towards the ministry and Treasury.

24 Aug 14:01

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24 Aug 13:13

WATCH - LUNCHTIME ANALYSIS: News24 unpacks Jonas' scathing state capture inquiry revelations

24 Aug 12:59

Gordhan: Jonas is extremely brave 

Former finance minister Pravin Gordhan has hailed Mcebisi Jonas' testimony at the judicial inquiry into state capture as "extremely brave".

Jonas delivered bombshell after bombshell on Friday while he was guiding Deputy Chief Justice Ray Zondo through the chronology of events of state capture as he experienced it. 

He told the commission that one of the Gupta brothers threatened to kill him should any details of the infamous meeting between him, Jonas, Duduzane Zuma (the son of former president Jacob Zuma) and businessman Fana Hlongwane ever become public.

Gordhan, who sat quietly at the back while listening to his former deputy's testimony, told News24 he has enormous respect for Jonas.

"He is extremely brave… this is what a true patriot does." 

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