AS IT HAPPENED: 'DA's motion of no confidence against De Lille is a sham' - Mpofu

13 Feb 14:52

Mpofu said the DA supported the secret ballot against Jacob Zuma.

"In fact right now as we speak there is probably going to be a vote of no confidence [in Zuma]," says Mpofu, whose phone is obviously on silent.

13 Feb 14:51 Open ballot is to prevent money changing hands, fear of corruption or bribery, court hears. 
13 Feb 13:14 Judge Henney says sorry to interrupt, but if nobody is opposed to secret ballot, because that is what it sounds like to him, - what is the problem? Adjournment now for lawyers to discuss. 
13 Feb 12:56 He says this is the political equivalent of a death sentence.
13 Feb 12:55

Mpofu presented these numbers:

There are 231 members of council

154 of them belong to the DA

77 belong to the opposition

Mpofus says, assume 77 members of the opposition votes against the motion of no confidence.

Then the outcome of this case will have the decisive impact on whether the mayor stays or goes:

If the 77 opposition, plus the 59 in the DA caucus who indicated they want her to stay = 136 and the motion of no confidence will be defeated.

The magic number is 116 - the majority.

So, the opposition plus 59 = 136 which is above the magic number so the motion is defeated, De Lille stays as mayor.

If she stays as mayor: those 59 are intimidated.

If the 154 in the DA caucus voted the way the DA wanted them to vote, then she goes. If there is a secret vote she stays, if there is an open vote she goes.

13 Feb 12:42 Judge Henney says isn't it just political survival to tell political party members how to vote? Mpofu says councillors swear an oath in line with the Constitution and their duty is to the public. This trumps allegiance to their political parties.
13 Feb 12:35 Advocate Ismail Jamie for DA says the DA does not believe a secret ballot is necessary, as it has accorded its members a free vote.They also have a free vote on whether the vote should be conducted secretly. 
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