OVERVIEW: It was difficult but happy to have played part in blowing the whistle on state capture says Mentor

12 Feb 16:59

Mentor thanks Zondo and his team and says she is happy that she could help blow the whistle against state capture.  

She wishes Zondo and his team well.    

12 Feb 16:56

Siwela voices a grievance that documents are being served a few hours before witnesses give statements.

Siwela requests that it be addressed as they don’t have the opportunity to scrutinise the document. An example of such is the recording.

Zondo says that the legal team got the recording late, adds that he did say he was unhappy about that.

12 Feb 16:40 Sewela says in the transcript, Mentor mentions that Mtolo came to see her with another officer. That person was introduced as cyber security specialist and she wondered what a cyber security specialist was, even during the meeting with the public protector.
12 Feb 16:38 Adv. Siwela has completed his cross-examinationwith Vytjie Mentor.
12 Feb 16:33 Mentor says the meeting with then public protector focused largely on her meeting at Saxonwold.
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