OVERVIEW: Atul Gupta denies claims Mentor was offered mutton curry

11 Feb 17:07 The commission adjourns until Tuesday at 10:00.  
11 Feb 17:00 Now on red ruby ring.. Mentor says while Ajay Gupta may claim he doesn’t wear a red ruby ring on his index finger, it’s in the media. Sello says he said it’s not for Hindu purposes, Mentor says she stands by her views
11 Feb 16:51 Sello wants to put forward the Guptas version of events. Zondo agreed and Mentor comes in “please forgive me, I know I am very problematic” she questions the Guptas forcing their agenda on the commission.
11 Feb 16:50 Sello moves to clarify the brief; says it was visual, the chair can take further actions. Explanation accepted but Mentor now complaining about why she was made to waste two hours during the inspection.
11 Feb 16:45 Sello says the experts said a deeper level of investigation can take place, incl forensics to see if her claims are true - different features existed. Sello says this would cost around 810K, asks how she feels about this? Zondo stops her.
11 Feb 16:42 Mentor tells Zondi she’s always struggled to tell the difference between granite and marble.
11 Feb 16:37 Mentor: the bathroom was where I said it would be... the bathroom, the passage, the kitchen. Zondo interjects seeking to clarify something about the features she saw. 
11 Feb 16:36 Sello says Mentor gave the experts a list of things to text. Mentor complains about the narrow brief experts were given.
11 Feb 16:35 Sello says none of the features the experts were asked to identify at number 5 were found.
11 Feb 16:17

Zondo notes that it is now after 4pm, but decides to power through and allow Sello to complete her evidence with Mentor, so that tomorrow can be used for the matter of cross-examination.

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