OVERVIEW: Atul Gupta denies claims Mentor was offered mutton curry

11 Feb 16:06

Mentor, becoming more and more animated now, explains to Zondo that she has an inclination to vividly remember architectural features and "beautiful things" that she might like. 

Mentor: "I can tell you, I had been to the parliament of Brazil. And that was about 10 years ago. I would tell you now, the features of things I like that are still standing, in my memory... there is a blue interior, there are plants inside where, because I noticed the contrast between our chambers and their chambers..." 

Mentor: "I had been to the parliament of what is called 'House of Deputies' in Italy. I also vividly remember how, if you ask me now, I will tell you distinct features of how those chambers differ with our chambers. I can tell you the features of the hotel foyer, in 2010, where I stayed."

Mentor: "I love art also, chair. I also love beautiful things..." 

11 Feb 15:08

Sello says the commission enlisted the services of an engineer and an architect (through the Department of Public Works) during the in loco inspection in Saxonwold. It had been eight years since Mentor had been inside the Guptas' home.

The team inspected specific architectural features, as detailed by Mentor in her prior testimony - a pillar, mural, and staircase, and other details from Mentor's recollection.

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