AS IT HAPPENED: 'ED is going down' phonecall reveals plans to get McBride out

15 Apr 16:59 All is this a rouse to scupper IPID's investigation into Phahlane says McBride.
15 Apr 16:51

Brigadier Khomo was in charge of internal security but was discussing investigations so the conversation was improper, says McBride.Mahlangu and Kgomo discuss a post for Mahlangu. 

He raises concerns of his lack of experience

15 Apr 16:47 Mahlangu was an investigator for IPID and handled "sensitive investigations", says McBride.
15 Apr 16:27 A recording between Hawks official Mahlangu and a Mr Kgomo.
15 Apr 16:24 During his suspension three people from Crime Intelligence were hired permanently at IPID and moved when McBride returned to IPID.
15 Apr 16:11

McBride says there was no rationale for people in critical positions being moved or removed from IPID.

He said the transfers immediately instilled fears.

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