AS IT HAPPENED: Defence works to undermine State's #VanBreda case

13 Feb 15:40 Matter adjourns until tomorrow. Adv Botha is only 2/3 through. Adv Galloway will then reply.
13 Feb 15:31

#VanBreda didn't wear a balaclava and gloves, Adv Botha says. Why was not a single bit of DNA found on any of his family members?

Postmortem findings - Dr Anthony agreed with Dr Perumal's report that it was likely Rudi could still move after assault, even if not purposeful. He may have pulled duvet, Adv Botha says. #VanBreda

13 Feb 15:16

No DNA of Marli on axe, despite being hit 8 times with it, nor on #VanBreda. Reade-Jahn in court said the axe was not the one he had seen at the family home.

Judge Desai asks if you go to a braai, do you study the axe of your host?

13 Feb 15:14 Judge Desai asks what is likelihood of an attacker entering the property with an axe?
13 Feb 15:09

Judge Desai asks why there would be no trace of an intruder. Adv Botha says Lt Col Otto testified perpetrator would leave a trace, but not if he wore a balaclava or gloves.

Desai says there is no objective verification of an intruder.

13 Feb 14:58 Debate on the location of blood splatter between Botha and Judge Desai
13 Feb 14:57 Desai asks Botha to explain the lack of blood stains in the upper part of Henri's body
13 Feb 14:47 Botha arguing that the State's DNA results were biased
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