OVERVIEW: Rohde denied bail, heads back to prison

06 Dec 15:37

The sentencing has been postponed until February 18, 2019.

The court adjourns.

06 Dec 15:32 Van der Spuy says a two-month delay is anticipated in Rohde's sentencing proceedings because of the festive break. We could be looking at three months before he is sentenced, says Van der Spuy.
06 Dec 15:27 Van der Spuy says the case is at a crucial stage in the development and progress and the education of Rohde's children. There is a problem with finances: Only R80k is available, and they are completely dependent on him even though they are majors now.
06 Dec 15:22 Van der Spuy moves on to say Rohde faces a minimum sentence of 15 years. He says his behaviour since his arrest has been as close to 100% as one could possibly get, in the circumstances. 
06 Dec 15:08 In  support of the application, the defence said there were special grounds for her to give evidence behind closed doors. Salie-Hlophe says there must be a causal link between Kathryn giving evidence and possible harm to her.
06 Dec 15:07

Judge is reading a statement into the record: She says these are the sentencing proceedings of Jason Rohde for the murder of Susan, and of staging her death as a suicide.

06 Dec 15:01 Kathryn's testimony will be free from media access.
06 Dec 15:00 Kathryn is a vulnerable child and is reluctant to testify.
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