OVERVIEW: Rohde denied bail, heads back to prison

06 Dec 14:51 Sotloff said that that we are all volatile at some time in our lives, but believes Rohde is not a volatile personality.
06 Dec 14:47

She said that Van der Spuy responded to the court's directions "rudely, raising his voice, shaking his body and shaking his finger in the air".

She found the conduct "disrespectful" and said it would not be tolerated.

She adjourned earlier today for everybody to calm down.

06 Dec 14:46

She said that even though that information is already before her on record, she would allow the witness to place his evidence before the court for the sake of fairness.

However, when it became evident that the witness was not confining himself self to placing evidence in mitigation and Advocate van der Spuy "continued to protest Mr Rohde's evidence", she reminded him that he is place before her factors in mitigation of sentence after he was found guilty of murder Differently put, it is information she will consider in considering the appropriate sentence.

06 Dec 14:45

Judge Gayaat Salie-Hlophe came back after lunch and said that when the court convened this this morning the specialist psychiatrist Kevin Stoloff was called to give evidence that was already by and large before court from previous testimony.

This related to Rohde's absence from court on February 5 while he was being treated for severe depression.

06 Dec 12:12

So Van Der Spuy and his colleague Advocate Tony Mostert are sitting in court figuring out what happens next after Judge Salie- Hlophe's abrupt departure.

Court resumes at 2.15pm. 

06 Dec 11:21

Gayaat-Salie says he has pursued the point sufficiently, but VD Spuy says now his examination of Stoloff has been interrupted.

"Sorry does the court wish to interrupt me as well now?" he asks.

The judge takes exception to VD Spuy waving a finger at her, and adjourns.

06 Dec 11:20

Jude Salie-Hlophe wants to know what Rohde clinic situation has to do with evidence in mitigation of sentence.

"This is not a bail application," she says. VD Spuy says it is germaine to the case and shows Rohde's illingness to cooperate.

06 Dec 11:13

Asked to come to court on 6th to exlplain letter written on the 5th.

 - Judge Gayaat Salie-Hlophe interupts. Requests information relevant to going forward with sentencing.

"A lot of this information has been dealt with already, is already before me. the purpose of these proceedings is to get evidence in mitigation," Salie-Hlophe says.

"This is not a bail application."

06 Dec 11:10 Stoloff says when he saw Rohde in January he was experiencing a severe major depressive episode, and was expressing suicidal thoughts. Stoloff said he was worried about Rohde and recommended medication and Rohde agreed to be admitted to Crescent to recover.
06 Dec 11:09 Police showed up at his office, saying Rohde needs to come to court. Telephoned his attorneys. They confirmed court order, but could not show it.
06 Dec 11:05 Cognitively, he was not working sharply enough to represent himself adequately at that time (in court). 
06 Dec 11:03 31 January assessment: assessed Rohde, he was extremely depressed, almost monosyllabic, unable to concentrate fully. Hopeless and despairing about the future.
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