OVERVIEW: 'We haven't reached a state of lawlessness' in SA - Cele on 2017/2018 #CrimeStats

11 Sep 12:10

The briefing wraps up.

11 Sep 11:55

Sitole: "If we get any report from any woman, or any community, that a woman was not assisted, in terms of the SAPS disciplinary code, that is a serious miscounduct and action will immediately be taken."

Sitole says there are already several instances where action has been taken in matters like these. 

11 Sep 11:36

Cele: "Somebody had a mission of making sure that Hawks are not Hawks... just to make sure that he's got a big pair of scissors to cut all the wings."

"So he's busy putting those wings back," Cele says of the new Hawks head. "And we will not, together, hesitate to do that." 

Cele says if they need to act, they will act. 

11 Sep 11:28

"We are here, and we make sure that we dismantle that," Cele says in response to a question of whether or not a culture of impunity exists among criminals because they see high-level politicians getting away with crime.

Cele mentions the recent arrests in KwaZulu-Natal, including that of an ANC councillor.

11 Sep 11:24

Cele says the government security cluster has not met for the last two years. Says he's not sure why, "maybe it's a part of dropping the ball". Cele says they have corrected that and now they are meeting regularly.

11 Sep 11:21

Cele and Sitole now fielding questions from members of the media.

11 Sep 11:02

Sekhukhune now going through and discussing some of the numbers in the slides again.

"In terms of sexual offences," Sekhukhune says "the highest point was in 2008/9". And then currently we are at 50 108, having increased the crimes by 408 counts.

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