AS IT HAPPENED | Crime stats: We're not where we want to be, says Cele

12 Sep 11:34

Crime Stats: Murder up 3.4%, sexual offences rose 4.6% in 2018/19

Murder, sexual offences and other contact crimes rose in the past financial year, the Portfolio Committee on Police heard on Thursday.

12 Sep 11:34

Crime Stats: Murder of women down by 5.4%, but child murders increase in 2018/19

The number of women murdered in the 2018/19 financial year in South African decreased, but the number of children murdered increased, MPs heard on Thursday.

12 Sep 11:31 Briefing concludes
12 Sep 11:28 Stock theft is a highly organised crime, says Cele
12 Sep 11:27 Stock theft has a huge economic impact, Cele adds
12 Sep 11:26 Stock theft affects vulnerable people in rural areas, says Sekhukhune
12 Sep 11:24 Cele talks about bettering visibility as an easy way to reduce crime. When criminals see police, they perhaps feel a bit of fear before doing something. Tweet from @JennaEtheridge
12 Sep 11:21 High police visibility key to reduce crime, says Cele
12 Sep 11:20 Cele says the police are reviving the tracking team to hunt down criminals
12 Sep 11:16

We need to change in societal values, but crime is crime, says Maluleke of domestic violence.  

He argues that in many cases, families do report these crimes to police

12 Sep 11:13 Many factors contribute to crime, says Sekhukhune
12 Sep 11:11 Many government departments and NGOs have to work together to beat crime, says Cele
12 Sep 11:10 Cele says a policeman was killed in Nyanga, but while there was a camera at the scene, it had not been working for eight years
12 Sep 11:08 "I don't dine and wine". Cele says he doesn't drink after being asked a question about the role of alcohol in the high levels of violence. The #CrimeStats earlier showed that up to 60% of contact crimes took place over the weekend. Tweet from @Ethan_VD
12 Sep 11:07 The longer they stay, the more they drink, the more they kill each other, says Cele of crime at alcohol selling venues
12 Sep 11:05 Even if an establishment is licenced, if there are under 18s in there, it is immediately illegal, says Cele
12 Sep 11:04 Alcohol is a big portion of people committing crime, says Cele
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