AS IT HAPPENED | Media 'portrays black people as if we are useless' - Motsoeneng on SABC allegations at #StateCaptureInquiry

11 Sep 16:08

Advocate Norman and Zondo discuss and decide to adjourn for the day, and pick things up a bit earlier tomorrow morning, to make up for lost time. 

Zondo adjourns proceedings. Back at 09:00 tomorrow morning.

11 Sep 16:05

Motsoeneng is currently dealing with the background of a proposed deal between MultiChoice and the SABC, for a 24-hour news channel. Motsoeneng says after the SABC board decided that a channel of this nature would be unsustainable, and Treasury turned down the possibility of funding, Motsoeneng says he himself approached MultiChoice to engage with them about the channel. 

Motsoeneng says he did so after consulting with former SABC board chair, Ben Ngubane, who told him that they had already failed in securing a deal with MultiChoice, but he should go ahead and try. 

"I'm going to fight this battle, chairperson, that they must assist the SABC," Motsoeneng says he told himself, after stakeholders walked out of an earlier meeting.

Motsoeneng says he tried his best to convince them that it was in their best interests to have a channel in partnership with the public broadcaster.

11 Sep 15:12

'The media's role is to discredit me', Hlaudi Motsoeneng tells Zondo commission

Despite the Wits Business School denying claims made by embattled former SABC COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng that he had lectured at the university, Motsoeneng remains adamant that he was invited on at least three occasions.

During his second day of testimony at the state capture inquiry on Wednesday morning, Motsoeneng told inquiry chairperson Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo that there was a SABC video clip which showed him lecturing at the university. 

"I think the media's role is to discredit me. Yesterday [Tuesday], I spoke about lecturing at Wits - it is true, chairperson. It doesn't mean, when I say I lectured there, I was employed," he said.

11 Sep 14:52

Motsoeneng says there was nothing wrong with giving Zuma more airtime while he was still president of the country. Motsoeneng says when he was a producer, he would also give former president Thabo Mbeki more airtime, so he did not only do it for Zuma. Even now, as the leader of the African Content Movement, he still understands that President Cyril Ramaphosa needs to be given more airtime in the media.

11 Sep 14:46

Motsoeneng: "I want to clarify, chairperson, that I know president Zuma, but he's not my friend. So I'm not close to him like people saying I'm close to president Zuma..."

"When it comes to president Zuma," says Motsoeneng, "I follow this [broadcasting] act - not him, any individual."

Motsoeneng says that even on air, people were calling former president Jacob Zuma names, while he was still president, and he told people to have respect and "mind your language" because he was still president.

11 Sep 14:36

"It's not a Hlaudi issue, it is an SABC issue," Motsoeneng says, on the SABC's editorial policy.

11 Sep 14:26

Zondo asks Motsoeneng what he regards as glamourising violence. Motsoeneng says it is very important to have role models in SA...he believes when the broadcasting act speaks about not glamourising violence, it means violence is not in the public's interest. 

Motsoeneng says we should ask ourselves why there are only negative stories in the media and nothing positive. He again speaks of an "agenda" to portray SA and certain individuals in a certain way. 

11 Sep 13:07

Advocate Norman notes that it is already 13:00.

Zondo says that "Mr Motsoeneng has been on that chair now for quite some time since yesterday, but I think it's important, I think the issues that we are dealing with are important issues and it's important that they be dealt with properly". 

By Advocate Norman's estimation yesterday, Motsoeneng's testimony was meant to have already been completed by now, but Zondo acknowledges that he has interrupted a lot of the questioning to clarify issues and deal with them properly. 

Motsoeneng says he is actually "very glad, because no one has ever listened to my story". Motsoeneng says people have drawn their own conclusions without him being part of it, and he thanks Zondo. 

Zondo calls for the lunch adjournment. Back at 14:00.

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