AS IT HAPPENED | Media 'portrays black people as if we are useless' - Motsoeneng on SABC allegations at #StateCaptureInquiry

11 Sep 11:56

Advocate Norman asks Motsoeneng about his assertion that there were people with agendas who wanted the SABC to cover the protests. Motsoeneng tells Norman that there were people who came to him and told him about their agendas. 

Motsoeneng: "I want to repeat, in South Africa, there are issues that we should condemn, from the onset. This is one of the issues, that we should condemn, because we can't build monsters in our society. We need, chairperson, role models. So I will die with this statement..."

11 Sep 11:46

Proceedings resume after the break. 

Zondo now seeks to definitively address the issue of the protest coverage ban at the SABC, as the evidence and questioning around it went in circles just before the break.

11 Sep 11:18

Zondo adjourns proceedings for the morning tea break. Back at 11:35.

11 Sep 10:09

Proceedings are now under way. Advocate Thandi Norman informs Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo that Hlaudi Motsoeneng's legal team would like to address him on an issue of videos that they would like to submit to the commission as evidence.

Zondo notes this, and Motsoeneng's legal representative is now addressing Zondo.

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