AS IT HAPPENED: Zuma offered blank cheque to Nxasana as settlement to vacate office of the NDPP, #StateCaptureInquiry hears

12 Jun 16:08

Zondo now moves to adjourn proceedings, on the basis that Nxasana will be asked to come back to continue his testimony. Zondo tells Nxasana that arrangements will be made as to when he can come back, and the commission's legal team's will be issuing the notices of implication to all parties implicated in Nxasana's testimony. 

Zondo thanks Nxasana once again, and adjourns proceedings for the day. Back at 09:30 tomorrow morning with another witness.

12 Jun 15:44

Pretorius asks if Nxasana asked Zuma to allow him to vacate office, or whether he was forced out. Nxasana says that at no stage did he make a request to Zuma to vacate office.

Nxasana says he had wanted his fitness to hold office tested in an inquiry. 

12 Jun 15:04

Ngalwana says that there should be no impediment to Nxasana giving evidence that has already been in the public domain, but any evidence that implicates Jiba "should be held back" until her legal team has had the opportunity to review the evidence.

12 Jun 13:03

The issue of the recording in question is brought up, which, apparently, they haven't heard yet. Pretorius says the recording is about eight minutes long, and Zondo suggests that perhaps they could listen to the recording during the lunch break. 

And with that, Zondo calls for the lunch adjournment. Back at 14:00.

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