AS IT HAPPENED: Investigations into Winnie 'took place at behest of Tony Leon' - Mufamadi

16 Apr 11:03

And with that final statement, Mufamadi ends the briefing.

16 Apr 10:54

Mufamadi: "I had no indication that someone had wanted me to appear on the documentary... I have no indication someone thought I was important enough to give my version in the documentary..."

"I don't know what must happen going forward," Mufamadi says, while also saying he didn't call a press conference for an apology. 

16 Apr 10:49

Mufamadi: "Why are we taking Tony Leon out of the equation? I am saying these investigations took place at the behest of Tony Leon - I'm talking about the ones that we know, right? They took place at the behest of Tony Leon."

16 Apr 10:35

Mufamadi responds: "Yes... if I talk about what I remember in the context of having met him (Heslinga) we will be here all day. I may have met him at the Goldstone Commission, because I headed the peace desk of the ANC." 

"So I may have met him there - there was nothing outstanding about him when I met him."

16 Apr 10:24

Mufamadi, while still answering questions from journalists, says "Remember, I am also a victim here..." 

16 Apr 10:23

Mufamadi now speaks about Stratcom files, and mentions one specifically held on journalist and former Weekly Mail editor Anton Harber, who had asked for access to Stratcom files.

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