AT IT HAPPENED: McBride concludes testimony for now, Zondo commission to resume with new witness on the stand

16 Apr 15:25

McBride is excused. 

The commission adjourns until 10:00 tomorrow morning, where former KwaZulu-Natal Hawks Head General Johan Booysen, is expected to testify. 

We adjourn.

16 Apr 15:23

Pretorius asks if McBride has any further comments before conclusion. He asks if he can deal with an affidavit of December 10 at a later stage.

Zondo thanks McBride. "We will be seeing you again," Zondo says. 

16 Apr 15:13 In October 2014 the minister of police established a reference group. At the time, the ministry would use the reference group, the group included public officials. 
16 Apr 15:09 Rogue elements in the police service were protected by the NPA, says McBride.
16 Apr 14:58


 Police ministry's chief of staff a convicted fraudster

The man tasked with running Nathi Nhleko's police ministry is a convicted fraudster who was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment in 2002.

Leon Abednigo Mbangwa was found guilty of fraud and jailed for four years on December 13, 2002, police spokesperson Sergeant Ann Poortman has confirmed to News24.

Despite this, he managed to secure a senior position as chief of staff in the police ministry.

Mbangwa admitted to having spent some time in Pretoria Central Prison for fraud. He was released in August 2003.

16 Apr 14:44 The key question is why the minister of police would hire a criminal? There is no reasonable explanation. This is what was taking place when IPID was under attack. 
16 Apr 14:43

Leon Mbangwa, real name Lionel Moyo, was employed by Nathi Nhleko as a chief of staff. He is a Zimbabwean. He had not been naturalized. Was arrested for false ID. Was convicted and served custodial sentence, he also recently appeared in court for false documentation. No security clearance. 

At the time of applying for security clearance, McBride was on suspension. 

16 Apr 14:38

Pretorius: Any knowledge about PCLU and the crimes against the state unit?

Direct links between CATS and PCLU. Cases are passed on to PCLU, there has to be a process of involving NDP in these matters. Not sure if they comply with this provision, but they work hand in glove.

16 Apr 14:24

McBride speaks about meeting with Shaun Abrahams:

He proceeded to tell deputies that no one was allowed to make any comments. Afterwards, I said to him I’m glad I didn’t leave your meeting. We departed in a professional manner, but it really was an eye-opener to see the attitude of the NDPP. 

16 Apr 14:15 McBride: They are quick to charge anti-corruption people, but dragged their feet when dealing with a number of cases like Mabula and Panday. 
16 Apr 13:02

The heads - Moyane is gone, Abrahams is gone - the point I’m saying is in any event those meetings should have been taking place for national interest. Overall all these agencies are there to root out malice activities. 

We adjourn for lunch hour.

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