Memories of laughter while working for ‘good egg’ Prince Charles

Howick man Tim Ward shared fond memories of his days as Prince Charles’ programme co-ordinator and friend following the royal wedding last month.

Born in Chester, England, in 1950, Ward (68) joined the Welsh Guards in the 1970s after finishing his studies at a university in France.

The Welsh Guards were based in Germany when he was first commissioned and after a few tours of duty in Cyprus and Ireland, he was commissioned to Prince Charles’ regiment, where he was tasked with co-ordinating various events for him.

“When I first started my job, I saw him every now and then but soon I was seeing and working with him full-time.

“My job was to write and co-ordinate his travels in the UK but we did overseas tours too,” said Ward.

“We went to Ghana, Ivory Coast, America, Brazil and Venezuela.”

Ward said he and Charles used to laugh a lot together and that Charles has “a great sense of humour”.

“He is such a nice guy. A genuinely nice guy. He is a good egg,” Ward said with a laugh. “It was all great fun. I was lucky to work with him. I had fun co-ordinating programmes for him.”

Ward left the Welsh Guards in 1979 as a captain and moved to South Africa in 1980.

In 2011, Ward was invited to St James Palace in the UK along with other members of his regiment, for their 30-year reunion. “He remembered me,” said Ward. The group had their photograph taken and Charles signed a copy for Ward, who said “it is a nice thing to have”.

Ward also showed The Witness a photograph of himself and Charles in uniform in bushes in Schleswig Holstein, Germany, in 1977. Both Charles and Ward are smiling in the photograph, unaware of the camera.

“It was a fascinating time and I remember it all very fondly,” said Ward.

“They were incredibly nice people to work with. Everyone there, including Charles, was there to give their all.”