Montrose family successfully adopt stray dog from Mauritius

It's taken almost two months, but a Montrose family have succeeded in bringing home a stray dog they fell in love with while holidaying in Mauritius.

In June, dog lovers Gavin and Lilisha Chetty visited the eastern part of the island, and were horrified to see the large number of strays around the area and spent part of the holiday feeding them.

They had tried to bring one dog, which they named Hanna, back home, but encountered several obstacles.

They then embarked on a campaign to adopt Hanna, which included online crowdfunding.

And after an hours-long flight on Wednesday from Mauritius, Hanna finally joined the family’s four other dogs.

“I was relieved more than anything,” Lilisha told The Witness. “I was crying a lot, wondering what if we weren’t able to do it, what would happen to her? So I’m grateful we got her, and she’s in a good condition and safe.

“When we saw her [at the airport] she was shaking, but she heard our voices and smelled us and I think she remembered us, then she calmed down.

“We kept things very quiet at home, and left two of our bigger dogs at a relative’s house so [Hanna] can adjust better. Her first night was a good one,” she beamed.

Lilisha said they had managed to raise just over R20 000 through crowdfunding efforts, and had to put between R5 000 and R10 000 of their own money in to pay for keeping Hanna with a private carer, and getting her sterilised and vaccinated.

The couple are also paying to keep five other Mauritian stray dogs in private kennels, and for their medical expenses, which has cost them about 6 000 Mauritian rupees — around R2 300 — a month.

Going forward, she wants to help people who are eager to adopt dogs from foreign countries, and to advocate for dogs living in poor conditions in other countries.

She has already set up an organisation called Paws In Motion.

“We weren’t planning on getting another dog, but we just had to adopt Hanna. Now we want to show people that it can be done, and that dogs can be rescued.”