‘My teacher raped me’

A well-mannered young boy described in the high court on Tuesday how his school guidance counsellor used to fetch him from his classroom, take him into his office and rape and sexually abuse him.

The nine-year-old testified through an intermediary in the Pietermaritzburg high court in the trial of Darren Goddard.

Dressed in blue jeans and a T-shirt, he sat on a padded chair giving evidence, often becoming restless and fidgety. The court had to break frequently because he became tired.

The state alleges in its indictment that this boy was sexually assaulted and raped on “diverse occasions” from March 2015 to June 2016 by Goddard.

At the time, the alleged victim was in Grade R and Grade 1.

Although the child’s evidence was often difficult to follow, the gist of it was that Goddard used to fetch him three times a week and take him into his office. The first day he would play with either monster trucks or Lego.

The second day, Goddard used to pull down his pants and sexually assault him and rape him for seven seconds, he said.

Asked if he knew what seconds were and to count them, he counted slowly from one to seven.

Judge Kate Pillay asked him if he knew what rape is and he said it is what Goddard did to him. He said his mother told him about rape.

Speaking confidently, he succinctly described the assault and rape, during which he said he would lie on his stomach on the couch. After each incident, Goddard would kiss his forehead.

He said he told his mother what happened two weeks after the incident.

Asked why he had waited, he said; “Because he threatened me. He said he will kill me if I told anyone.”

He later explained that after thinking about it, he decided to tell his parents.

His evidence was less than two hours long, including breaks.

Under cross-examination by defence advocate Shane Matthews, he said he did not tell his Grade R or Grade 1 teachers about the bad things that happened to him because “they knew”.

Asked who the headmaster was at the time, he mentioned the name and said the man had also sexually assaulted him and that he used to take out “pictures”.

The boy also said he did not scream or say anything during the incidents. When the judge asked him what he did, he inhaled deeply, saying that was the sound he made.

The child was also quizzed about why he did not tell anyone, including a psychologist (who saw him 48 times), about certain details he testified about in court.

Initially the boy replied that he only told his mother these facts, but later changed his story and said he had also told the psychologist.

Goddard has pleaded not guilty to 15 charges which include the rape and sexual assault of boys.

These allegedly took place between 2012 and 2016 at a time when he was the guidance counsellor at a primary school.

All but one of his alleged victims had allegedly been referred to him in his capacity as counsellor.