Nelson Mandela Bay: Manyathi denies DA's claim that ANC paid him off

DA leader Mmusi Maimane and Athol Trollip accused "treasonous" Victor Manyathi of being bought by the ANC, but Manyathi accused Trollip of being a "damn liar".

Manyathi was a central figure in Monday's drama in the Nelson Mandela Bay council.

His abstention in a vote of no confidence in the Nelson Mandela Bay's speaker meant that Trollip was removed, albeit disputed, as mayor.

Manyathi was summarily kicked out of the DA.

At a press briefing Tuesday in Cape Town, Trollip said Manyathi previously stated that the ANC was making "financial offers to him".

"You could see he was decidedly uncomfortable [during Monday's meeting]," Trollip said.

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He said he did not get any indication from Manyathi that he was unhappy in the DA.

"It is very clear that Councillor Manyathi has been turned," Trollip said. "It was a great surprise when he didn't vote with us yesterday."

Maimane said Manyathi is "vulnerable" because he stands accused of fraud and the ANC said they could help him with it.

Maimane said the DA's constitution was explicit that if you publicly state that you intend on leaving the party, you are expelled.

"For all intents and purposes he is a member of the ANC," Maimane said, who also described his abstention as "treasonous".

When News24 contacted Manyathi for comment, he said: "Athol Trollip is a liar. He's a damn liar."

He did not want to react to Maimane's comments. 

He said the ANC approached him over two years, but he did not budge.

"It is me who approached the ANC [for Monday's motion]!" 

"It is a lie that they promised me money. It is them [DA] who promised me money."

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He said Trollip told him the ANC has no money. Trollip also said the ANC has no money at the press briefing, adding that is why they wanted control of the Nelson Mandela Bay municipality.

"I wanted Trollip to go! Trollip is going to make a mess of the country. He's not a good man at all. He damaged many black people in the DA," said Manyathi.

He accused Trollip and Tshwane Mayor Solly Msimanga, who also faces a vote of no confidence, of serving white interests. 

He said he is not guilty of the fraud charges he stands accused of. 

Manyathi is going to challenge his expulsion.

"I still want to remain in the DA. The DA is not his [Trollip's] farm. I'm not his boy on his farm."

"I didn't want to fight with the DA, but I don't have a choice now."

At the press briefing, Maimane seemed undaunted by the prospects of Manyathi's legal challenge.

"I'll see him in court."