‘No one else’ but Goddard

The defence advocate for former school counsellor Darren Goddard suggested to a 14-year-old boy on Wednesday that he’d had “sexual contact with someone else” but was (falsely) blaming Goddard for what was done to him. 

The boy, who initially said he did not understand the question, told the court there had been no one else alone with him except Goddard.

By this he was referring to his evidence about what happened to him when he spent a weekend with a friend at Goddard’s house.

On that occasion he alleged that while he was sleeping, he’d felt that there was someone behind him.

Half-awake, he noticed his pants and underpants were pulled down and noticed Goddard in the room from the corner of his eye. He then pulled his underpants and pants and fell asleep. That same night he woke up again to find that his underpants and pants were again pulled down.

Defence advocate Shane Matthews on Wednesday asked the boy about a medical report. Matthews said the report revealed injuries — which at the time of the examination — appeared “new”.

Matthews questioned how this was possible when whatever the boy alleged Goddard did to him happened six to eight months prior to the boy being medically examined. The boy replied that maybe he got the dates wrong.

During thorough and detailed questioning about the year and the grade in which the boy was at the time, Matthews said that according to his calculations Goddard was in jail at the time the boy described being raped.

The boy told the court he was uncertain when the incident happened.

He also testified that when the incident took place at Goddard’s house, he had not known what rape was.

He said he only learnt about rape while at a new school and at that point realised what had happened to him.

Matthews questioned him about this since the boy also said that his parents had moved him from the school where Goddard was counsellor, to the new school because they found out what happened to him.

Matthews further asked the boy questions about statements that he had made to different people, including a clinical psychologist, and pointed out differences between what the youngster had said in these statements and what he told the court.

Goddard is charged with the rape and sexual assault of young boys. So far eight boys have testified. They all were counselled by Goddard at the school. Goddard has denied all the allegations against him.